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What is Aerohive Mobility Routing Protocol (AMRP)?

By Gregor Vucajnk in · Technology · November 29, 2017
David Coleman (CWNE#4 and distinguished networking books author) and Gregor Vucajnk (CWNE#96 and Director of Product Training at Aerohive networks) discuss Aerohive's Cooperative Control protocol: AMRP. This sets the foundation for the control plane which controls all the information about clients, IP addresses, VLANs, and more. On top of this, this also sets the foundation for the layer 7 firewall between each AP. Watch the video to learn more!

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Gregor Vucajnk (@GregorVucajnk )

Gregor Vucajnk is the Global Training Manager for Aerohive Networks where he is part of a global team delivering Aerohive instructor led training.