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Introducing Industry’s First Family of Enterprise 802.11ax Access Points

By David Coleman in · Technology · February 7, 2018
Abby Strong, VP of Products & Marketing and David Coleman, Aerohive Product Evangelist and CWNE#4, introducing industry’s first family of enterprise 802.11ax access points. Aerohive intends to deliver three new models in mid-2018.

The new 802.11ax Wi-Fi access points – AP630, AP650, and AP650X – are 802.11ax-capable as well as being fully compatible with existing Wi-Fi devices.

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David Coleman (@mistermultipath )

David Coleman is a wireless mobility consultant and trainer. For the last seventeen years, David has instructed IT professionals from around the globe in enterprise WLAN design, WLAN security, WLAN administration and WLAN troubleshooting. In his spare time, David writes white papers, blogs and books about enterprise Wi-Fi networking. David is the co-author of Sybex Publishing’s CWNA Study Guide, CWSP Study Guide and CWAP Study Guide. David is the Senior Mobility Leader for Aerohive Networks and is CWNE #4. Aerohive invites you to download a free ebook co-authored by David Coleman: WLAN Troubleshooting and Design here: