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ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights July 14, 2017

By boundless team in · Technology · July 14, 2017

ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights is a weekly roundup of relevant technology posts from around the web.

Scientists make a mobile phone that doesn't need to be charged 

The astonishingly efficient prototype requires just 3.5 microwatts of juice, and it employs an innovative approach to avoid the need for a battery cell. Instead, it uses ambient power from radio signals and light — its onboard solar cell is "roughly the size of a grain of rice" — to transmit a signal back to a base station 50 feet away.

Our thoughts: Longer battery life is something all users want. Perhaps the lack of battery management will make them even happier.

A DRM standard has been approved for the web, and security researchers are worried

The new standard is called EME, or Encrypted Media Extensions, and it allows DRM systems to hook directly into your browser. That way, Netflix and other streaming video services can protect their shows and movies without making users install annoying, often insecure plugins like Flash or Silverlight. On that note, it’s a win. But in other ways, EME’s approval has a lot of people concerned.

Our thoughts: While it's not perfect, it is better than installing problematic plugins.

Hackers Are Targeting Nuclear Facilities, Homeland Security Dept. and F.B.I. Say

Hackers wrote highly targeted email messages containing fake résumés for control engineering jobs and sent them to the senior industrial control engineers who maintain broad access to critical industrial control systems, the government report said.

Our thoughts: For some critical infrastructure, perhaps no network access might be the best route going forward.

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