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How MSPs Can Simplify Multi-Tenancy Network Management

By Kathleen Hedde in · Technology · September 28, 2017

We are excited to announce our new hotspot and guest management capabilities for MSPs today!

These are key enabling features for MSPs with customers offering hot-spot oriented Wi-Fi, for example chains of restaurants, coffee shops or other locations with public guest networks. But while the very nature of an MSP’s business is to manage multiple customers, that presents the underlying issue of managing these multi-tenant networks efficiently. 

This is where Aerohive’s Hierarchical HiveManager (HHM) comes in. Aerohive has launched HHM as a unique way to enable network access management for MSPs. It allows MSPs and enterprises to create organizations within a single HiveManager NG instance that allow not only grouping of devices and policies, but also role-based access control that limits access to only that organization. It is ideal for customers who want to logically separate devices and policies without dealing with the hurdles of separating licenses and service entitlements. And even better, an administrator of the HiveManager NG instance can pool licenses across any number of organizations to offer the most flexible management and entitlement capabilities in the market. This “organizational” management concept is unique to Aerohive, and greatly simplifies day-to-day operations for MSPs and large enterprises.

Watch the video below to see Brian Lee, the software engineer for HHM, demo some of its key features.

Kathleen Hedde drives product marketing and channel adoption for Aerohive’s managed services programs (MSP and Hospitality Service Providers), Cloud Networking platform and open API platform.