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Margaritas, chair massages and a WLAN architecture: Cinco de Mayo, Aerohive-style

By Team Aerohive in · HiveMind Blog · May 9, 2011

Aerohive may be a lot of things - secure, reliable and cost-effective Wi-Fi for starters. But one of the lesser known facts about us, naturally, has to do with the fun stuff. An inordinate amount of giggling goes on behind these four rather serious looking walls, located in our rather serious looking industrial park in the very serious Silicon Valley.

In part, that has to do with the Aerohive Networks team. A keen wit runs rampant through the folks that work here. This is a good thing because we also have a Fun Committee that lassos that energy in order to put on a “fun” event once a quarter.


Our last fun day was right before the holiday break, when we had a potluck, white elephant swap and cube decorating contest. And let’s not forget our April Fools gag video from last month.

In keeping with the change in seasons, this month’s fun event was all about one of California’s favorite holiday: Cinco de Mayo. And we found a way to combine it with solving one of California’s biggest problems: Stress!

So last Thursday the Fun Committee hosted:

The Cinco de Mayo Celebration/Stress-Free day at Aerohive

We brought in Mexican food from Una Mas, which everybody enjoyed for lunch. And (thankfully) the weather cooperated so folks were able to eat outside on the patio. 

Aerohive's Cinco de Mayo party

We had a chocolate fountain

Aerohive's Cinco de Mayo party, chocolate fountain

With people dipping strawberries in it

Aerohive's Cinco de Mayo party

Two massage therapists giving 15 minute chair massages

Aerohive's Cinco de Mayo party chair massages


A shoe shine guy! (Monroe is a character, and he’s adored by SF Bay Area commuters) 

Aerohive's Cinco de Mayo party, Monroe the shoe shine guy

What Cinco de Mayo party would be complete without margaritas?! We had a self-serve margarita machine, where folks helped themselves to a margarita (or two).

Aerohive's Cinco de Mayo party, margarita maker

We all toasted Aerohive, and each other, right after a company update from our fearless leader, David Flynn.

Aerohive's Cinco de Mayo party, CEO David Flynn


There were also stress balls (for those stubborn folks who didn’t find chocolate fountains, free food, a chair massage, a shoe shine and a glass of grog to be relaxing enough). A little reminder of what it means to relax, even if just for a minute.

Aerohive Cinco de Mayo, stress balls

For Aerohive, Cinco de Mayo was a day to celebrate a holiday and everybody’s hard work – and to have fun while we’re at it.

It’s not all fun and games (after all, a lot of work goes into developing a controller-less wireless networking platform, right?). But the Fun Committee also doubles as the Charity Committee, and we put on a charity drive on a quarterly schedule as well.

Next up: The Aerohive Blood Drive on May 16.

Actually – we have been documenting enough of the festivities here on our blog that the fun times aren’t really our best kept secret. Still, Aerohive is better known for having the best wireless network solution, but the truth is that we are good at the fun stuff too.

Team Aerohive (@aerohive)

Team Aerohive is a collection of contributions by various authors from within Aerohive. These contributors generally write about fun & community events held by Aerohive, as well as other Aerohive-related happenings.


Subscribers to the boundless digital magazine will receive a regular digest of the most recently posted content.