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Introducing Aerohive's incredible Training Team (Part IV): David Coleman

By Team Aerohive in · HiveMind Blog · July 23, 2013

Final blog in a four-part series: We are profiling the entire Aerohive training team, one-by-one. This installation introduces David Coleman.


Because I manage Aerohive’s social channels, and our HiveNation community, and our HiveMind blog, I have the distinct honor and privilege of watching a steady flow of compliments paid to our training team. Pretty much the minute a training class has been completed, and a certification earned, it starts: The Internet erupts with Tweets and posts from student-customers singing the praises of our talented instructors.

Their popularity is in part because Aerohive is the only WLAN company in which the entire training team is Certified Wireless Network Experts (CWNE’s).

David Coleman: CWNE #4

Metka Dragos:   CWNE #23

Bryan Harkins:  CWNE #44

Gregor Vučajnk : CWNE #96


But it’s more than that. It’s about the people behind the projector, know what I mean?

This series of four blogs introduces our training team, one by one (but in no particular order). These are the folks who go the extra mile to teach our customers. In fact, the “travel fun fact” section will give you an idea of how far the training team will go to educate Aerohive customers.


David Coleman: David is the Global Training Manager at Aerohive, and a wireless security/networking trainer and consultant. For the past ten years, David has instructed IT professionals from around the globe in wireless networking administration, wireless security, and wireless frame analysis.

The company David founded, AirSpy Networks, specialized in corporate Wi-Fi training and he has worked in the past with Avaya, Polycom, and Siemens. He has trained numerous computer security employees from various law enforcement agencies, the U.S. Marines, the U.S. Army, the U.S. Navy, the U.S. Air Force, and other federal and state government agencies. David is also CWNE #4.
In his "spare time," David writes white papers and books about enterprise Wi-Fi networking. David is the co-author of Sybex Publishing’s CWNA Study Guide, CWSP Study Guide and CWAP Study Guide
Why does David love teaching about Aerohive? “Teaching is always fun when you have cool and disruptive technology like we have at Aerohive. I also get to work everyday with students who are 
usually smarter than me and I learn something new every week. The most gratifying result from teaching is when I find out that the training helped a customer find a successful integration solution. Our training also helps our sales team. Once evaluation customers get hands-on training, they are sold on our technology.”
Who loves David: “I attended ACWA training in Sydney yesterday with David Coleman - great day (intense, but fun)! It is so good to see a company offering not only great products, but also great support and training.” - via the   HiveNation Community

Travel Fun Fact: David travels way too much – how else would he have gotten this photo with the world's largest rubber duck in Victoria Harbor in Hong Kong?!

“My furniture lives in my house and I live in hotels. I put about 200,000 miles a year on planes in coach. Last year I was on the road about 45 weeks and I think I spent more time overseas than I did in the United States.”

Training Team Fun Fact: Two of our instructors are originally from Slovenia and two of our instructors are from Atlanta, Georgia. Can you guess which pair is from where?

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