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Aerohive Running Man Fundraises ahead of London Marathon

By Team Aerohive in · HiveMind Blog · April 20, 2012

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little bit envious of my colleague here at Aerohive, Eduard Meelhuysen, who is running the London Marathon this Sunday April 22 in what is forecasted to be perfect marathon-running weather. Having just finished the Boston Marathon in record-breaking heat myself, with temps soaring to 90 degrees at spots along the course, London’s 50-something weather prediction sounds heavenly.

Still, let’s be clear: Marathons are really hard. In any conditions. And yet Eduard has upped the ante on his 26.2-mile (42.2KM) race by turning it into a major fund-raising effort. He has pledged to raise £4200.00 (100 pounds per KM) for UNICEF – and has also pledged to run it dressed as a bee if he meets his quota. (At the moment he only has to wear the antennas!)

From Eduard’s London Marathon fundraising page:

As this will be my 5th marathon, I have decided to run for a good cause. In this case it will be UNICEF. As we all know UNICEF is the foundation helping children throughout the world.

My goal is to get 100 POUNDS per KM run. As we have the privilege to be able to run 42,2KM for fun, children in other parts of the world have to walk this far just to get water.

Please help me achieve, and possibly overachieve this goal, and I will try and get through the 42,2KM in 3:30hr. All the money you will donate, will go towards UNICEF.

Thanks for helping me, UNICEF, and especially children world wide.


As I am writing this blog, Friday April 20, Eduard has raised an impressive £2039.17 (approximately $3,300) - but this is only 49% of his goal. He has gone all out on his fundraising efforts, putting out a spoof video and putting up a Facebook page (not to mention the countless training miles he’s logged), but he’s still only halfway home.

So what do you say? Let’s help him out! And help out the children in the process! Just to make it easy, I’m providing a link that takes you straight to Eduard's UNICEF donation page.

Like I said, the man will dress up as a BEE if he reaches his fund-raising quota. If nothing else, let’s rally together and help Eduard achieve his goal of embarrassing himself a little. :-)

Don’t bee-lieve me?

Team Aerohive (@aerohive)

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Subscribers to the boundless digital magazine will receive a regular digest of the most recently posted content.