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Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps for the Network Professional

By Keith Parsons in · HiveMind Blog · October 19, 2011

Many developers have tried to address the needs of network admins – some have developed individual apps focused on a single function. Others have tried to build groups of functions in a single app.

After much time evaluating and testing the various tools and apps available, this blog is dedicated to the iPhone and iPad apps I keep on my personal devices to help in my Wi-Fi work. This blog is the second in a three-part series:

Top 10 iPhone and iPad OS Apps for the wireless LAN (WLAN) Professional
Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps for the Network Professional
Top 10 iPhone and iPad Reference Apps for the IT Professional

The apps are available for iPhone and/or iPad. Some are iPhone-only, and can be run on the iPad with a small screen, or use the 2X button to expand to full-size on the iPad. A couple are iPad-only and aren’t available on the iPhone platform. However, most are ‘Universal’ apps and will run easily on either iPhone or iPad.

On to the first of this set—Top 10 iOS Apps for the Network Professional.



LANScan This utility comes in an iPhone or an iPad version (HD for the iPad). This app allows quick, easy & readable access to a variety of network scans: TCP scans, ARP scans, NetBios scans, Bonjour scans, Reverse DNS, and Port scans. Full details are available to see what services and ports might be available at the target device. Quite useful in Penetration Testing and checking security of your Wireless LAN.


iPhone - $3.99
iPad HD - $6.99

Ping Analyzer

Ping AnalyzerWhen you need more than a simple Ping tool – Ping Analyzer adds a graphical interface and recording capabilities. It also tracks average, min, max and jitter. You can save your favorites to return and do re-tests.

Ping Analyzer

iPhone - $.99 (works small on iPad)


Scany for iPhoneAnother great tool from Pavel. Includes Trace, Ping, WhoIs, WakeOnLan, Network Scanner, Port Scanner, Net Info, etc. Very detailed and quite easy to use.

 Scany for iPhone


iPhone - $5.99 (works small on iPad)

IT Tools

IT Tools for iPhoneThis app contains a suite of tools you might find useful in troubleshooting network connections. Features include: Traceroute, Ping, DNS Queries, Interface Table, Routing Table and more.

IT Tools for iPhone

iPhone/iPad Universal - $4.99

Nice Trace

Nice Trace for iPhoneLike its name suggests – this is a very nice Trace Route app. Includes a detailed help screen, and an easy-to-read display. This is my first tool when doing traces. This tool is from Pavel Ahafounau – who makes some of the best network diagnostics tools available on iOS. Check out his web site for the other great tools he has to offer. 

Nice Trace for iPhone

iPhone - $1.99 (works small on iPad)

Network “Swiss-Army-Knife”

Network "Swiss Army Knife"A full-featured tool for those who work with networks. It is currently only an iPhone app – so it looks a bit small on an iPad. But it has lots of useful features. All easily accessed via a simple and colorful interface. I think I use the MAC lookup the most, but it has many features that might be quite helpful in your position.

Network "Swiss Army Knife"

iPhone - $3.99 (works small on iPad)


iSSHA full-featured SSH and Telnet terminal emulator. Ideal for when you just need to configure one of your network devices over the Wi-Fi connection.


iPhone/iPad Universal - $9.99

VNC Viewer

VNC ViewerAn easy quick way to access your VNC servers with your iPad. I’ve done all the exercises in our Aerohive training sessions via this app. You can access Linux, Windows, or Macintosh system – anything you can run a VNC server on. You’ll be connecting via your iOS device’s WiFi connection for quickest response times.

VNC Viewer

iPhone/iPad Universal - $9.99
Get Console

Get ConsoleThis utility makes your iPhone/iPod Touch or iPad into a quick terminal console. So much easier than carrying around a spare laptop. With just the simple cable attachment, you can connect to your switches, routers, and laptops via RF-45 console port and configure, update or review your configs using SSH or Telnet.

 Get Console

iPhone/iPad Universal - $9.99

cablesYou’ll need one of these special 30-pin to RJ-45 adapter cables. Not cheap. Not at all. But small, lightweight, and gives you exactly what you need without carrying larger, heavier options.

Cable - $59.00


iNetQCheckPro for iPhoneVery detailed and professional network testing app with full reporting capability. You’ll be impressed with the wealth of information available in this software.



iPhone - $4.99 (works small on iPad)



If you know of any iPhone or iPad apps for Network Professionals, please let me know in the comment section below. Otherwise, please stay tuned for my next installment in this blog series.