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Video: Dual 5 GHz Wi-Fi Designs Explained

By Albert Colas in · Experts · July 6, 2017

In this video, Aerohive Systems Engineer Albert Colas Prunera provides a few helpful tips about dual 5 GHz designs. He also explains Aerohive's latest new features and enhancements for Software Defined Radio (SDR) and dual 5 GHz designs. 

 Follow along as Albert:

  • Goes over the explosion of 802.11 technology, IoT, and mobile devices to explain why wireless networks need to be designed for capacity, instead of coverage, and what are the related challenges. All of the features mentioned in this video are included in Aerohive's AP250 and AP550 access points.
  • Explains the challenges of 2.4GHz and why having dual 5GHz access points is important, specially for high-density designs. Aerohive's AP250 and AP550 access points have SDR so they can be configured in either mode: 2.4 GHz/5 GHz, or dual 5GHz (5 GHz/5GHz), noting that having the right mix of ccess points is key for a proper wireless design. He shows also what is needed to in order to configure an SDR profile.
  • Highlights the multiple features Aerohive offers to customers, such as Radio Load Balance, last known power and channel settings, DFS support along with DFS return and Zerowait DFS, and finally Smart Antenna.

Albert Colas Prunera is a Systems Engineer for US and LATAM. He has been working in the Tech industry for over 9 years, starting his career in Barcelona, Spain and moving to the United States in May 2012. His knowledge includes Networking (Routing and Switching), Wireless, Security (including endpoint protection), Servers and Systems, Unified Communications (VoIP, Video and Mobility) and Virtualization. In his spare time Albert enjoys spending time with friends and family, being outdoors, biking, hiking and travelling all over the world.