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ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights June 30, 2017

By boundless Team in · Technology · June 30, 2017

ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights is a weekly roundup of relevant technology posts from around the web.

Google will stop scanning your Gmail messages to sell targeted ads  

Google will stop its long-standing practice of scanning the contents of individual Gmail users for advertising purposes, the company announced in a blog post today. The practice, something Google has done nearly since the launch of its email service, allows the company to digest the contents of email messages and use them to deliver targeted ads within Gmail itself.

Our thoughts: Education customers have had the option to disable ads for years, and this is likely to continue their assault on Microsoft's enterprise software business.

Playing 'Super Mario' in Augmented Reality Looks Dangerous and Delightful

By upscaling a 2D video game level to a 3D-navigable jaunt, the level's dangers lessen. What were unavoidable obstacles and enemies in 2D become flank-able, optionally interactive curiosities Singh can confront or simply sidestep. Once Singh snags the level's fire flower, he's able to fling fireballs by performing the thumb-forefinger pinch gesture. The most vertiginous moments, surely more so for Singh than us, arrive as he nears the edges of pits, layered over the ground and dropping into infinite pools of blue sky.

Our thoughts: Augmented reality looks awesome for the person involved, and really annoying for everyone else.

YouTube’s mobile app will soon better display all video formats, add messaging

On the heels of a major redesign of its desktop site which delivered an overall cleaner look-and-feel and a “dark mode” for nighttime watching, YouTube this week announced it will soon roll out an update to its mobile app, as well. The new app will better support video shot in other formats and orientations, by dynamically adapting its player to whatever video you’re currently watching.

Our thoughts: Ten years after iPhone 1, one of its biggest accomplishments is moving web video away from Adobe Flash.

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