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ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights: January 6, 2017

By boundless team in · Technology · January 6, 2017

ICMYI Weekly Tech News Highlights is a weekly roundup of relevant technology posts from around the web.

What 6 wacky CES gadgets tell us about the future

The tech industry's annual Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, is known for showing off a ton of crazy gadgets, both useful and fanciful. It's easy to dismiss some innovations out of hand, but even the wackiest products hint at what consumers should expect to see in the future, by offering a read of what trends companies are focusing on.

Our Thoughts: CES is a fun show, and the products can often be used to show consumers where technology trends are heading.

5 Things That Could Make Amazon Even Stronger In 2017

Amazon spends billions of dollars each quarter on shipping, and those costs are rising as the company expands to deliver everything from toilet paper to TVs to customers in two days or less. To save money over the past year, Amazon has been seeking to take over more shipping duties from the likes of UPS and FedEx by leasing trucks, planes, and ships. The company is even testing drones to supplement its doorstep deliveries. Ultimately, Amazon may rely more on itself to get orders to your doorstep than ever.

Our Thoughts: Amazon has long prided itself on having incredible prices, and shipping is a key cost it aims to cut. On the flip side, brick and mortar retail is drawing customers back in the stores by connecting the online and offline experience.

What Ford is doing right with the Fusion Hybrid autonomous car

Tesla deserves the credit for leading the automotive industry forward with a self-driving car that’s available now and lets you drive (mostly) hands-free and feet-free. Yet there’s another company that plans to make a statement at CES 2017 next week.

Our Thoughts: Will 2017 be the year the car industry begins a dramatic shift towards self driving/autonomous cars?

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