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ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights February 10, 2017

By boundless team in · Technology · February 10, 2017

ICMYI Weekly Tech News Highlights is a weekly roundup of relevant technology posts from around the web.

FCC ends inquiries into T-Mobile’s Binge On and other ‘free data’ plans from AT&T, Verizon, Comcast

Free data” programs from T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon and Comcast are getting a reprieve from the Federal Communications Commission under Ajit Pai, the new FCC chairman, in the latest indication of the Trump administration’s intentions to roll back net neutrality regulations.

Our thoughts: We covered this many months ago, and it looks like these sponsored data programs will continue for the time being.

IBM Uses Supercomputer Watson Technology To Track — And Fight — Cancer

The Cambridge company recently started a five-year, $50 million partnership with the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT to study drug-resistant cancers.

Our thoughts: Technology isn't just for sharing funny memes. It can also be life saving.

Windows 10 Cloud: Early Build Of Microsoft’s Answer To Chrome OS Leaks

Looks like early reports of a Windows RT resurrection are true after all, as incriminating screenshots of the so-called Windows Cloud platform have recently been leaked, proving that Microsoft is indeed gearing up for the release of a new Windows 10 iteration with toned down features similar to the way Chrome OS is set up.
Our thoughts: The key thing will be price point. Chromebooks are sold en masse due to low price. The simplicity is a bonus.


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