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ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights August 4, 2017

By boundless Team in · Technology · August 4, 2017

ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights is a weekly roundup of relevant technology posts from around the web.

Facebook Shuts Down AI System After It Continued To Communicate In A Language Humans Can’t Understand  

This is why we can’t have nice things. Did you ever have the feeling that people are talking behind your back, but you can’t quite make out what they’re saying? Imagine for a minute if instead of people, there were artificial intelligence (AI) bots plotting and scheming in the background — and to make matters worse, they’ve been communicating in their own language.

Our thoughts: That sounds like the beginning of the Terminator movies.

Two U.S. lawmakers think the government has a new cybersecurity problem: The Internet of Things

Much as consumers are coming to embrace those tools, the U.S. government is eyeing them as well. The firm Govini, for example, found federal agencies have spent about $4 billion on “sensors and data collectors” between the 2011 and 2015 fiscal years.

Our thoughts: The IoT security discussion keeps coming back in the news, and it's not always good news.

Honolulu bans staring at phone while crossing the street

Starting in October, pedestrians will be fined if caught looking down at their phone while they're in an intersection.

Our thoughts: We complained about hands-free driving, but got used to it. Perhaps we are looking at the beginning of another new normal for technology rules.

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