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ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights April 14, 2017

By boundless team in · Technology · April 14, 2017

ICYMI Weekly Tech News Highlights is a weekly roundup of relevant technology posts from around the web.

‘Super’ Banks scramble to fix old systems as IT 'cowboys' ride into sunset 

In the United States, the financial sector, major corporations and parts of the federal government still largely rely on it because it underpins powerful systems that were built in the 70s or 80s and never fully replaced. And here lies the problem: if something goes wrong, few people know how to fix it.

Our thoughts: There was never a good time to fix this in the past, but it's got to be done at some point.

Google Home App Says Multi-User Support Is Coming Soon

The Google Home Android app is now announcing that multi-account support is scheduled to debut soon, as reported by Ausdroid. It’s currently unclear whether the announcement is going live in all countries officially supported by Google Home, though that seems like a likely scenario. Seeing how the latest client-side update for the Google Home app was released in late March, the new card announcing multi-account support was almost certainly pushed out to users through a server-side update initiated by Google on Monday.

Our thoughts: For a gadget that's geared toward groups of people who cohabitate in a home (e.g. families) this problem should have been solved a long time ago.

Hackers activated emergency sirens in Dallas on Friday night

Emergency sirens around Dallas Texas activated late on Friday night, waking residents across the city for over an hour, prompting a flood of calls to the city’s 911 center. Officials from the city’s emergency management office have confirmed that there was no emergency, and that the system was breached by hackers.
Our Thoughts: This situation shines light on how much of our critical infrastructure isn't as secure as we thought.


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