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French Teacher Explains How HiveSchool Limits Distractions, Keeps Kids On Task

By Gabrielle Hedlund in · Podcast · February 11, 2016

In episode 10, I talk with Suzie Giacotto, a French teacher in a K-12 school near Chicago that uses Chromebooks, along with a variety of other technology tools, as part of the daily teaching and learning experience.

In this episode, the heart of our conversation centers on HiveSchool, which is a free, Wi-Fi network-independent application from Aerohive Networks. The HiveSchool app helps teachers manage classroom technology and helps students stay on task and engaged. Listen in while Suzie and I discuss how she is using HiveSchool in the classroom, and how certain teaching challenges have become a non-issue.

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Teach for 2020 is a podcast where teachers have conversations about the tools they use in the process of great teaching. Each episode the host, a middle school teacher, talks to a different educator about the role of technology in their classroom, and how it enhances the learning process. These educators will come from a variety of cities and school districts, and each will have something unique to share.

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Gabrielle Hedlund (@gabbyh)

Gabrielle Hedlund is a middle school teacher, former journalist and web worker, knitter, and mama. She grew up in Oakland, CA has a BA from UC Santa Cruz, and has ridden a bicycle the length of California three times.