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E-Rate Resources Page

By boundless team in · Experts · January 27, 2016

Everything you ever needed to know about E-rate:



Video: BEAR Payment Method (with Jeff Jennings)

E-rate 2017 Is Officially Underway


Two-Part Interview With E-Rate Expert, Jeff Jennings

 The Definitive School Guide To Getting E-Rate Funding

  • (Part 1) E-Rate Overview (13 minutes)
  • (Part2) Applying For E-rate In 2016 (15 minutes)




E-rate Rollover Funds: Why All Schools And Libraries Should Apply Now

FAQ: Answers To Your Frequently Asked E-Rate Questions

E-rate: Wi-Fi Deployment Guide For K-12 Schools



Learn How to Apply for E-rate here.

Calculate your E-rate funding here.

Sit in on a Webinar and ask questions. See the webinar schedule here.


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