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Who Let The Dogs In?

By Team Aerohive in · HiveMind Blog · May 17, 2017

Aerohive is a very friendly place to work, but we've recently taken friendly to a whole new level. Dogs are now welcome at Aerohive HQ, and many of our four-legged family members are already making regular appearances around Hive. 

Above are photos of a few beloved dogs with their people. Special kudos to Denver, who showed up in a bee costume.

All canine visitors that successfully complete the registration process and endure the very strict HR interview get one of these lovely Aerohive dog collars!  


Team Aerohive (@aerohive)

Team Aerohive is a collection of contributions by various authors from within Aerohive. These contributors generally write about fun & community events held by Aerohive, as well as other Aerohive-related happenings.