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Family Picnic At The Hive: Hawaiian Luau Edition

By Team Aerohive in · HiveMind Blog · August 9, 2017

We love getting together for the annual Aerohive Family Picnic, and this year was no different. 

Held at Aerohive HQ, this year’s theme was a Hawaiian Luau. Members of the Hive and their families were greeted by Hawaiian dancers, then they did the limbo, climbed a coconut tree, and enjoyed shaved ice. 

After lunch, Hawaiian dancers performed traditional dances and got some help from the Operations team complete with our CEO, Dave Flynn, participating in a “dance along” demonstration. Kids enjoyed the fun zone, where they drew, made Hawaiian leis, watched a movie, built things out of Legos, and tattooed themselves with our company values and some tropical-themed items.

Bees enjoyed great food and great company and wrapped up the day with basketball and sand volleyball games or by taking group shots in our tropical photo booth. Here are a few pictures. Many thanks to Edward Chee for the beautiful photos.
Team Aerohive (@aerohive)

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